Whether you are new to T'ai Chi or a seasoned practitioner, you'll find our instructors provide balanced instruction and solid programs. Nothing is more important than instilling the fundamentals, especially when it comes to T'ai Chi. It's a great way to build confidence and ensure character.

T'ai Chi is a form of moving Meditation and Stress Reduction Therapy.  An added bonus of T'ai Chi is that each move is based on a Self-Defense application making it an Excellent form of Martial Arts.  T'ai Chi has been researched and proven to Reduce Falls by 47.5% but that only scratches the surface of what T'ai Chi can Do for You!!  An Excellent Source of Research is the Harvard Medical School Guide to Tai Chi by Peter M. Wayne, PhD, with Mark L. Fuerst. 

    The Director of CNY Tai Chi is Randie Hughes.  Randie has studied T'ai Chi since 1987 and taught it in the Syracuse area since 1989.  She is also a direct Student of Master Daniel Lee and has received his Blessings to Teach T'ai Chi. Daniel Lee learned T'ai Chi from Grand Master Tung Hu-ling and was the first student of the Late Bruce Lee in JKD.  Randie is Retired from the Profession of  Physical Therapist Assistant; she received a Black Belt in Goju Ryu Karate, is Certified in Accupressure, and is a Reiki Master. 

    We specialize in Traditional Yang Style of T'ai Chi and also include Tai Chi for Arthritis, Yang 24 Form, Sword & Chi Kung.  Classes are taught by Head Instructor Randie Hughes and Instructors Jim Reilly, Ellen Somers, Tim Etchie and Roxanna Carpenter;  Assistant Instructors Karen Rodgers, and Michelle Enders.  We offer much support and patience with each and every student on their journey to Peace and Healing.